The MAGNO Ecosystem Digital Twin represents a cutting-edge initiative aimed at revolutionizing the packaging industry by harnessing the power of digital technology. It serves as a comprehensive tool designed to consolidate and synthesize vast amounts of data and knowledge generated throughout the various stages the project. By doing so, it offers unparalleled insights and opportunities for optimization. The MAGNO Ecosystem Digital Twin seeks to integrate all the knowledge and information that will be generated throughout the project’s work packages. To provide context, it has been identified during the project preparation phase that, while there are models based on Digital Twins for various complex ecosystems, such as manufacturing and urban planning, the food packaging value chain lags behind. In this sense, several initiatives focused on the optimization of storage and distribution have been found, but the entire food packaging process has not been modelled comprehensively.

The tool to be created in MAGNO will include information to support knowledge generation and the evaluation of various strategies to optimize and improve the packaging production chain. MAGNO’s scope extends beyond mere data integration; it aims to provide a holistic understanding of the entire packaging process, from raw material sourcing to end-product distribution. By incorporating advanced modelling techniques and predictive analytics, MAGNO empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions at every step of the production journey. Thus, MAGNO aims to unify all project advancements that have broad applicability and scope of action.

One of MAGNO’s key objectives is to facilitate the optimization of packaging production across Europe through the exploration of diverse strategies and scenarios. Whether it’s minimizing waste, improving efficiency, or enhancing sustainability, MAGNO serves as a virtual sandbox where innovative ideas can be tested and refined before implementation in the real world.

In summary, the MAGNO Digital Twin represents a paradigm shift in how the packaging industry approaches production optimization and innovation. By leveraging digital technology and data-driven insights, MAGNO promises to revolutionize the way packaging is conceptualized, produced, and distributed, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and efficient future.